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Tips to Open a Lock without Keys- by Schaumburg locksmith
Disengaging locks without keys is not a complicated task if you know the tricks of using household objects for opening locks. Schaumburg locksmith states that you can easily open a lock using simple household items such as paperclips, screwdrivers, safety pin, bobby pin, pen and even knives. According to Schaumburg locksmith, these items can disengage variety of locks.

In this article, Schaumburg locksmith offers some helpful tips to teach you the technique of opening locks without keys.

  • Safety pin- Schaumburg locksmith states that in order to open a lock with the help of a safety pin, you should choose a metal safety pin and smooth out its sharp tip by using a nail file. Schaumburg locksmith states that the next step is to insert the safety pin smoothly into the lock and twist it till you succeed in opening the lock.

  • Metal Paper Clip- Schaumburg locksmith asserts that locks can be open using a metal paper clip. To open a lock with a paper clip, Schaumburg locksmith advises you to straighten the paper clip so that it becomes completely straight. Simultaneously, make sure that the clip is not twisted.Schaumburg locksmith suggests that you should now insert the pin into the lock and push it downwards. The next step is to wiggle the paper clip two and fro.Schaumburg locksmith suggests that you should continue twisting the clip back and forth till you succeed in moving the tumbler. Next, you should put the tension wrench into the lock cylinder by placing the paper clip over it. Schaumburg locksmith suggests that while turning the tension wrench, you should put a little pressure on the lock cylinder with the tension wrench. Schaumburg locksmith suggests that you should control the paper clip while operating the tension wrench. Next, the clip should be moved in and out slowly while you push it up inside the lock. Repeat this step till the lock opens.

  • Screwdriver- In order to open a lock with a screwdriver, Schaumburg locksmith advises you to pick a suitable screwdriver. Schaumburg locksmith asserts that screwdrivers are available in several sizes; therefore, it is highly essential to try out a few screwdrivers so that you can pick the one that fits into the lock perfectly. Schaumburg locksmith also advises you to ensure that the screwdriver is not too tight for the lock. According to Schaumburg locksmith, you should pick a screwdriver that can easily reach the walls of your lock. Once you insert the screwdriver into the lock, wiggle it smoothly from side to side by applying little pressure to disengage the lock.

These are some tips to open a lock without keys. To know more tricks on lock picking, you may contact Schaumburg locksmith right away. Schaumburg locksmith is highly preferred by residents in and around the city to build up the security of their homes. Schaumburg locksmith offers first-rate locksmithing service at reasonable rates.

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